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My Review of Ruggable: a Pet-Proof Area Rug!

I was going to wait a little bit longer before I wrote this post... but I'm just too excited! I have to share. I have found the area rug of my DREAMS! It solves all my problems, and it's gorgeous. It's called Ruggable.

Have you heard of it? I was seeing ads all over the place, so maybe you have too. Ruggables are machine washable area rugs. Yes. Machine washable.

(Update 6/10/2020: I just became a Ruggable Affiliate! That means I now receive compensation if someone purchased a Ruggable through a link on my blog. That being said, I have not changed anything about this blog post from its original publish date. This is my 100% honest review of Ruggable.)

(Update 9/17/2021: It's been over 3 years since I wrote this post, and I'm still Ruggable obsessed. I still have the ruggable below, and now have 5 more for other rooms of my house. I have a toddler now, so having a washable area rug is more important than ever to me. I've had some minor problems here and there (my original ruggable rugs shrunk slightly so I had to trim down the pad underneath. This doesn't seem to be an issue with the newer rugs.) Overall, I'm still very happy with these rugs and will continue to buy them and recommend them to everyone I know. I'll write a new post soon with pictures and more detail on my experience! Thinking of trying Ruggable yourself? Click here to enjoy 10% off your order!)

Do you have pets? Do you have area rugs? If yes, then I bet you have some of the same problems I do.

  1. There is fur everywhere all the time.

  2. The fur gets embedded in the carpet.

  3. The carpet starts to smell like dog after a while because of all the fur, and the drool, and the rubbing of the face on the carpet.

  4. The carpet gets matted down as time goes by and starts to look junky.

  5. The cat claws the rug to pieces. Shreds it completely.

  6. The color fades.

  7. If an animal gets sick or has tummy troubles, that's the end for me. I need that rug out of my house! So gross.

Because of all the reasons listed above, I was buying 1-2 area rugs a year for our living/dining room. I refused to spend more than $100 on a rug because I knew it would be ruined in no time. We have all hardwoods in our house which is awesome, but a rug just anchors the room and makes it feel so much more cozy!

So, suddenly I kept seeing these ads for rugs that you can just ball up and throw in the washer/dryer. I was intrigued! I did a lot of research, and could only find positive things. I decided the next time I needed to replace a rug, I'd try Ruggable.

Fast-forward a few months, and it was time to replace the rug in the dining room. My cat is a pig. I love him, but he is gross. He costs me so much money. I threw out the old rug, and ordered an 8x10 Ruggable in Cambria Ruby. It was $389 which is a lot more than I usually spend on area rugs, but this will supposedly last me longer since I can just throw it in the wash from time to time!

The rug arrived, and I was able to get it all set up by myself without even reading the instructions. It comes in two pieces that attach together.

This is the very bottom of the bottom layer, which is kind of a rubbery texture. It's like a non-slip rug pad, and secures nicely to my floors.

This is the top of the bottom layer, which is almost like a soft velcro-type material. It's textured to allow the top layer to attach nicely to it so it isn't constantly slipping and sliding around. You can see there are also little squares of velcro at each corner for more secure attachment.

This is what the back of the top layer looks like - it's very soft and clings to the bottom layer.

Lastly, this is the top of the top layer! It's gorgeous, and very soft. It's a very low pile especially compared to my old area rug. The top layer is about an inch longer than the bottom layer on all sides, so the bottom layer doesn't stick out anywhere and ruin the look.

I've had the rug for just over a month now. Here are my thoughts!

What I like about my Ruggable so far:

  1. It's beautiful! It looks like a really expensive rug.

  2. It's low pile, and doesn't seem to collect all the fur in the rug fibers like my other rugs did.

  3. It lays very flat and doesn't scrunch up like I thought it would. It stays nicely in place.

  4. It's super easy to vacuum, My robot vacuum works much better on this rug than it did on my old one!

  5. Like I've said a few times... it's machine washable. I haven't needed to wash it yet, but if it ever smells or if an animal ever does something gross, I can throw it right in the wash! Both the top and bottom layers are actually machine washable, stain resistant and waterproof.

  6. The rug pad is made of 95% recycled fiber! I love stuff that is environmentally friendly.

  7. When the cat claws it, nothing happens! The loops of fiber don't pull up out of the backing like my old rugs. The cat keeps clawing, despite our repeated objections, and the rug still looks totally fine! Look at that little jerk face when I stop him from clawing:

What I don't like about my Ruggable:

  1. The rug is made to order, so when I placed the order it took a full two weeks before they even shipped it! It arrived about 2 days after I got the shipping notice, but still. I'm not that patient. Amazon Prime has spoiled me!

  2. The woven border of the rug doesn't seem super sturdy. I don't know who did it or how, but one of my little fluff balls managed to rip off part of the border. I don't know if the cat chewed it off, or if the dog scratched it off when he was running or playing, but it's something I'll have to keep an eye on!

Those are really my only dislikes right now! And they are so minor. So far, it seems like this is my miracle product. It solves all my problems. I am in love! I'm definitely going to post a follow-up review in a few months or so, once I've washed the rug a few times, to let you know if I still feel the same way.

Do you have a Ruggable? What do you think? Share in the comments below!

Thinking of trying Ruggable yourself? Click here to enjoy 10% off your order!

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