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Hi! I'm Jill.

I'm a  lifelong New England native who has spread my roots in my favorite state in the USA - Rhode Island.  I share my home with my sweet husband, our adorably fluffy dog, and our mean (but also adorable and fluffy) cat.


I am passionate about SO many things.  One would argue that I might actually have too many passions.... but that's ok.  I decided to start this blog as a place to share all these things I'm passionate about with like-minded people. 

This is My Ocean State of Mind

This blog is a collection of many things:  recipes I’ve tried, loved, and want to share, places I’ve traveled, my favorite things to do in Rhode Island, books I love, products I've tried, and much more.  


If you love eating, drinking, reading, exploring, and trying new things, then you’ll feel right at home here in My Ocean State of Mind.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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