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A different drink for fall: Pear & Vanilla Vodka Cocktail

Here's a crazy idea - a fall drink that doesn't involve apple cider! Seems silly, but I literally can't find any fall cocktails on Pinterest that don't have apple cider as an ingredient. Don't get me wrong - I love apple cider. Especially with rum! However, I've been drinking that combo for a month straight and I need a break.

Here's a great drink for fall using that other seasonal fruit: Pears!

Pear & Vanilla Vodka Cocktail

Serves: 2


6 oz Pear Juice

3 oz Vodka

1/2 Vanilla Bean, seeds scraped

Sugar for rim

1/2 cup Ice, plus more for serving

Pear (for garnish)


In a shaker, combine pear juice, vodka, and vanilla bean seeds with 1/2 cup ice. Shake well.

Pour over ice in glass rimmed with sugar, and garnish with slice of pear.

Wondering where the heck you find pear juice? I found mine down the juice aisle at my beloved Market Basket - you can probably find it in the juice aisle or organic section of your local grocery store too!

What's your favorite fall drink? Post it in the comments below!

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