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Collagen Pop Review & Giveaway!

I am SO excited to write this blog post today. You may have seen my previous posts about the products I use & love from Hum Nutrition. If not, check them out here and here! Long story short, Hum Nutrition has cleared up my skin, helps me sleep better, and gives me more energy during the day. This post, and all my Hum Nutrition posts, are not sponsored by Hum Nutrition - this is my true and honest opinion of their products.

Today, I'm going to write about their newest product, and my biggest obsession of the moment - Collagen Pop! I am also hosting a little giveaway this month (my first ever giveaway!!) so read on to find out how to enter to win.

Use my referral link to receive $20 off your first order of $39 or more.

I hope you love the products I recommend! Just so you know, My Ocean State of Mind may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

A little over a month ago, I got an email from Hum Nutrition announcing their newest product, Collagen Pop. It's a little tablet that contains marine collagen, vitamin C and rose to improve skin firmness, moisture and tone. You pop this little fella in your water, watch it bubble & fizz until it completely dissolves (kind of like an alka-seltzer tablet) then sip away!

I added a box of these to my order immediately after reading the email. I didn't think I needed them necessarily, but I definitely wanted to give them a try. My skin tone has already improved significantly since I first started taking my other hum vitamins, and despite the fact that I feel ancient, achy and tired, I am relatively wrinkle-free at this point in my life. #blessed

I just wanted to see how it tasted really!

I received my hum order in the mail, tore open the box with the fury and excitement I always have upon receiving my monthly shipment, and dug out the Collagen Pop. I immediately popped a tablet into an 8 oz glass of water, and waited (im)patiently for it to dissolve. It seemed to take a long time, and I didn't want to take a sip until it was fully dissolved.

It was worth the wait! I LOVE how this stuff tastes. The flavor is Rose and Lemon. I was worried it would be too bitter, or too sweet, but it's just right. It turns your water this pretty shade of pink, and it smells and tastes delectable. I didn't care if there were any health benefits, the taste alone sold me. This is such a great, guilt-free treat to have during the day. I'm not a big soda drinker, but I can imagine this would be a great replacement for soda, and much better for you!

The packaging is adorable, as is all the packaging of the Hum products. One box of Collagen Pop contains 3 tubes, and each tube contains 10 tablets (so that's 30 total drinks per box!) I love how easy it is to throw a tube in my purse on my way out the door. I actually keep one tube at work, one in my purse, and one at home so I am never without it!

I drink one a day, usually in the afternoon. A few of my coworkers noticed the delightful smell coming from my desk and asked me what it was. I obviously shared some tablets with them so they could experience the deliciousness for themselves. They were instantly obsessed! I added some more boxes to my next order so I could give them to my coworkers, and they are so excited.

So, now for the real question.

Does Collagen Pop actually do anything?

Surprisingly, yes! I noticed a significant improvement in my skin tone and elasticity after just a few weeks of drinking this daily. I honestly didn't think I would see any change, but I was surprised to see a marked difference in my one trouble spot - the wrinkles between my eyebrows.

I only get these wrinkles when I'm driving, reading, or staring at my computer for a significant amount of time. I must furrow my brow a lot during these activities. My makeup settles in the wrinkles which drives me nuts, and after a long drive it takes quite a bit of time for the wrinkles to go away again.

Now, thanks to Collagen Pop, the wrinkles between my brows bounce back much quicker. I still do get the wrinkles, but I'm pretty sure that's just part of life now. Also, road rage makes me furrow my brow hardcore. I hate rush hour traffic. The thing is that now they don't linger on my forehead for hours after my drive - by the time I get up to my desk at work they are virtually gone!

You can find these little beauties in store or online at Sephora or Urban Outfitters, or online at Hum Nutrition!

Use my referral link to receive $20 off your first order of $39 or more.

Giveaway Time!

Update September 2018 - The winner of this giveaway is Cheryl from MA! Congrats Cheryl!!

I hope you love these vitamins as much as I do.

This giveaway is closed, but there are many more to come! Please subscribe at the bottom of this page to get up-to-date info on my latest giveaways!

Now for the best part of this post - I'm giving away a box of Hum Nutrition's Collagen Pop so one lucky person can try it out themselves!! But wait, there's more! I'm also going to include a few of my other Hum Nutrition favs such as Beauty zzZz, Uber Energy, Glow Sweet Glow, and Raw Beauty (ARV $115.)

How To Enter:

To enter to win this awesome box of goodies, just subscribe to my blog! (See subscribe box at the bottom of this page.) Any new subscribers from August 5th - 31st 2018 will automatically be entered into the giveaway.

Already a subscriber? Add a comment below and let me know you'd like to be entered into the giveaway :) This sweepstakes ends Friday August 31st 2018, and I will contact the winner by September 14th 2018.

Only open to US Residents 18 or older. Please see full sweepstakes Terms & Conditions.


Have you already tried Collagen Pop? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Use my referral link to receive $20 off your first order of $39 or more.

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