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The Best (and cheapest!) T-Shirts to Wear to the Disney Parks

I hope you love the products I recommend! Just so you know, My Ocean State of Mind may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. But don't worry, I own all these products so I'm recommending from experience.

Oh my gosh you guys... I'm going to Disney World in just a few weeks. Yes, friends, it's true. I've been preparing for this trip for months and months, and it's so close I can taste it! Between making dining reservations, selecting fastpasses and picking out my magic band color, there has been a lot to do!

Perhaps my favorite part of the Disney preparation process is packing. I started packing about a month ago. I know, I'm insane. Being in Orlando in December, you have to be prepared for any kind of weather. You could get a beautiful sunny 80 degree day and feel like rockin' shorts, or you'll be freezing your little mouse tail off and want to bundle up in jeans, sweatshirts, and even hats and gloves!

There is a fine art to packing for Disney, but the KEY element to any great Disney outfit, no matter what time of year, is a Disney-themed t-shirt. In any weather, you'll want a nice comfortable and stylin' t-shirt to be the starting point for your daily outfit. It's cute, and it's comfortable, which is KEY when you spend an entire day running around the parks!

Below is a lineup of our favorite shirts to wear at the Disney Parks. We buy all of our from Amazon because they are cheap, and arrive super fast with prime. Plus, there are TONS to choose from. These are the best I've found so far:

By far my favorite Disney Villain, I can't resist anything with Ursula on it. "Don't underestimate the importance of body language." Ursula taught my everything I know. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THIS SHIRT? It's only $19.99! I love you

Do you get this shirt? It's another "subtle Disney" shirt. It's referencing one of my absolute favorite (now extinct) Disney World Rides - Ellen's Energy Adventure. It had Ellen Degeneres, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Alex Trebek, and Jamie Lee Curtis! (crazy assortment of people, huh?) It's one of the first rides I actually have memories of going on because I thought the dinosaurs were real and I was terrified. Anyway, I just love this shirt so I wanted to share. Only $19.95 on amazon!! (By the way, this shirt smelled terrible when it first arrived, but is great after one wash!)

So my husband just got this shirt for our trip because this is him in a nutshell. He is the ultimate grumpy old man (even though he's only 29.) Up! is our favorite Disney Movie to watch together - I am 100% Russell, and he is Carl through and through. This is the perfect shirt for that grumpy human in your life, and it's only $14.99 on Amazon!

This is another shirt we purchased for my husband. Jurassic Park AND Toy Story? What more could you possibly ask for in a shirt? Only $17.95 on Amazon.

Did I mentioned that I'm married to a grumpy old man? A grumpy man who also loves Disney. Have someone like that in your life? They need this shirt. Plus, it's only $14.93 on amazon, so they can't even be grumpy about the price!

We got this one for my Dad - the avid fisher and big Finding Nemo fan. The only problem with this shirt is that every time I look at it, I have to say "fish are friends, not food" out loud - and I have a terrible fake Australian accent. Good thing my family loves me. Only $24.95 on Amazon!

This is what we got for my mom. This is a classic Disney shirt, which I love. It's made specifically for women, unlike the other shirts I shared which are all unisex or men's shirts. This shirt is a bit of a thinner material, but still good quality. I just love the style, and Minnie is adorable! $18.99 on Amazon!

What are your favorite t-shirts to wear to the Disney parks? Share the links in the comments! (I still have time to order more shirts before my trip!)

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