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5 Best Podcasts for a Long Commute

I have a long, long, long commute to work every day. If it weren't for podcasts, I'd probably have lost my mind by now. Listening to something interesting while I drive makes me feel like I'm at least being somewhat productive while I spend hours a day on the road.

Podcasts are great for a car ride because of their length - just the right amount of content to listen to in one car ride, or maybe two depending on how long your commute is.

There are SO many great podcasts out there, but I've decided to narrow down a list to my top 5 favorites of the moment. I like a little bit of excitement, and I love true crime and horror, so the podcasts I listen to are a bit on the darker side.

This is a comedy podcast about murder. Yes, you read that right. It's funny as hell, and it's about murder. This is hands down my favorite podcast. Do you love to watch Investigation Discovery? Do you love to laugh? Do you maybe not mind if the storytellers aren't 100% accurate all the time, but are still lovable and hilarious? Then this podcast is for you! I promise after just a few episodes, you'll be a lifelong Murderino. "Stay sexy, don't get murdered."

This is another podcast about Crime, but not just murder. These are stories about people who have committed a crime, have been the victim of a crime, and everything in between. Sometimes you hear from the criminal themselves, or sometimes you just hear these fascinating stories that will have you on the edge of your seat. My favorite episode is "The Money Tree." Literally jaw-dropping.

I bet you've heard of this podcast. I still felt like I needed to add it to this list because I'm surprised how many people I meet who haven't listened to it yet! I am only recommending season 1 - I wasn't a big fan of season 2 (and I actually didn't even finish it.) Season 1 is about the murder of a girl named Hae Min Lee in 1999. Her high school classmate, Adnan Sayed, is accused of her murder. This podcast explores all the facts to try and determine what actually happened the day Min lee disappeared. This is a fascinating story from beginning to end (and it's still ongoing - you can follow updates on the Serial site as the story continues to unfold!)

I love a good scary story, and the NoSleep Podcast is FILLED with them! This is a different type of podcast - each episode features original stories from writers all over the world. The stories are performed by a variety of voice actors who do an incredible job of transporting you to another time and place. Not all of the stories are great, and be warned that some of them are really disturbing. It's so worth a listen though, because it's also loaded with truly great scary stories that will have you white knuckled on your way in to work.

5. Lore

This podcast is so good, they've turned it into a TV show. We just watched the first season on Amazon Prime, and it was phenomenal. I was instantly hooked on this podcast since the first episode was about Rhode Island's own, Mercy Brown. Unlike the fictional stories of the NoSleep Podcast, Lore is about real life scary stories. Each episode explores the origins of dark stories and legends from the past. I learn so much from this podcast, even about subjects I though I knew pretty well. Definitely worth a listen!

What are your favorite podcasts? Share in the comments section below! Then go give these 5 pdocasts a listen - you won't regret it.

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