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The best Apple Cider in Rhode Island (plus donuts & pumpkins!)

There is nothing quite like a tall refreshing glass of apple cider when the fall weather starts. Add a little rum (oakheart is my new rum of choice!) and we're really livin'. There are tons of great cider options out there, but nothing in the world can compare to apple cider from Jaswell's Farm in Smithfield, RI. Have you ever had it? If not, you're really missing out.

Early fall every year, my husband and I make the journey up to northern RI for the ultimate "fall day." First thing in the morning I start the crock pot so we can have French Dip sandwiches when we get home that night (recipe coming soon!)

Next, we head to the Scituate Art Festival where we indulge in some hot wieners and apple dumplings while we check out all the local artists and their goods. After that, we head to Smithfield for an afternoon at Jaswell's. We start by buying a delicious apple cider donut (or two) fresh from the oven. This year, we bought a box of donuts to bring home too so we could have some for breakfast the next day. (I may or may not have had a donut with dinner that night too.....)

By the way, if you bring a box home, make sure you stick your donut in the microwave for 15 seconds before you eat it. It's spectacular.

Next, we pick our pumpkins! This is a very serious event that takes a lot of time and thought. Luckily, Jaswell's has tons of pumpkins to choose from so we are always sure to find "the one."

Finally, we head into their adorable store to grab ourselves the pièce de résistance - Jaswell's Apple Cider. Being a born and bred New Englander, I've had a lot of cider in my lifetime. Jaswell's. is. the. best. I'll fight you if you disagree. Just kidding - everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it's wrong.

Jaswell's is so packed with that apple flavor, and not at all "syrupy" or over-spiced as other ciders tend to be. You know how sometimes cider is almost thick, like there is too much stuff added to it? That's not the case with Jaswells. It's light and refreshing and great for mixed drinks.

We've been lucky enough to find Jaswell's at Dave's Marketplace from time to time, but we usually just make a trip to the farm to grab ourselves a gallon or two.

What's your favorite apple cider brand? If you don't say Jaswell's, I'm guessing you haven't tried it yet :)

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